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Georgia National Fair

Taylor & his sweet granny.

Fall is here and it is officially time to do all of the fun fall activities. Growing up, my family's main fall tradition was going to the fall festival at my church. It was always so fun to put on my costume, play games with my friends and eat funnel cakes (the best part of all)! Since Taylor and I have been married, I have enjoyed learning about some of the traditions that his family has as well. Obviously, for big-time Georgia bulldog fans, fall pretty much consists of football on weekends, but there is one other fall tradition that I have enjoyed being a part of for the past 4 years and that is, going to the fair with granny. Now, this isn't just your typical fair. This is the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Ga.

The past few years at the fair have been spent laughing at people who choose to get on very sketchy rides, eating apple dumplings, and visiting farm animals (including watching baby chicks hatch from their eggs-the coolest thing ever!). Because going to the fair has become such a special part of our relationship with granny, I decided to bring my camera along and attempt to capture some of the sweet moments we had this year. We are always so grateful for time with family.

Until next year...

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