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The Pressey Family

Caroline & I met at swim lessons when we were little but we didn't actually become friends until 6th grade. In middle school, we bonded over Cingular flip phones, chorus class, and our love for the camera. We actually used to do our own "photoshoots" at our sleepovers with her mom's camera & we also borrowed the video camera to make some pretty hilarious home videos.

Caroline & her husband, Caleb, got married in 2016 one month before Taylor & I got married. It was a whirlwind of wedding showers, celebrations and preparations for both of us as we celebrated that fun season together.

How cute is Landry with his little hands in his pockets?! This was his grandmother, Yvie's, idea ;)

Now Caroline & Caleb have a one-year-old son, Landry, and a baby girl, Beckett, on the way! It has been so much fun to watch Caroline in her role as a new mom. She does a great job with Landry & I know she will be a great mom to Beckett, too.

In Georgia, we had a tease of an "early spring" last week when the temperatures rose to 80 degrees. Unfortunately, the temperatures dropped for our photoshoot and it was a bit chilly! Sweet Landry was such a trooper!

We had to find little ways to distract Landry from the cold. He loved looking at the ducks!

The Presseys live in Statesboro, Georgia so we don't get to see them often, but we have been making a trip to visit them the past 3 years on Labor Day weekend. It is a great blessing to have friends you've known forever that feel more like family.

Caroline always does a great job picking out outfits for photos. Look at Landry's little loafers & suspenders! I can't handle it.

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